Apple Airpods - Android compatible?

I wanted a pair of wireless earphones/headphones for a long, long time, but I could never find the right product.

The main reason for holding me back from most of the earphones on the market was the extra ‘sticking out bit’ that seems to go right into your ear. I am very conscious of the fact that it could push thing’s into the canal. Some people are more prone to that & I am one of them.

What was putting me off most, if not all, headphones on the market was either the size (way too big for my small-ish head) or the clamp-like feel they all seem to have. Even the lightest headphones seemed to really bother my ears after 15-20 minutes, which was never going to work as I usually listen to music for hours.

Whenever I saw Apple’s Airpods I always had the same thought ‘‘it’s such a shame I can’t buy/use them as they would be perfect for me’’. If i’m being completely honest I had that thought a number of times over the course of a year or so. Who know’s, it could have been longer! That’s not to say I was sitting in my room on a daily basis contemplating the Airpods until one day it hit me that maybe, just maybe it was compatible with Android. My Beats by Dre boombox/speaker is a little bass monster & I was using that almost all the time. However, quite a while did go by without my much sought after wireless earphones before I eventually had that light bulb moment & Googled the question.. ‘Are Apple Airpods compatible with Android’. Ridiculous, I know, but this is a classic example of assumption & why you should never indulge in such a pointless activity. Lesson learnt.

When I discovered that the Airpods were Android compatible it was as if my troubles were swept away in an instant. I just knew that even with the final test of putting them in my ears that these earphones were the product I so desperately needed & I was proven right the moment they took their seats.. in my ears, of course.

Simple & plain the Airpods are awesome. They have the traditional flat earphone style that doesn’t go deep into your ear & they fit perfectly. No exaggeration whatsoever with the fit.. they literally are a dream pair of earphones for me. They have great sound quality & I am happy with the bass. The battery life is excellent as well. I am sure you will get earphone reviewers stating predictable/obvious points, such as ‘‘they don’t have deep bass, no noise-cancellation’’ etc. But as I read in another post/review, by owning a pair of earphones and/or headphones that completely dominate your hearing, you’re essentially deafened from the outside world & I am pretty sure if you were crossing the street or cycling & had a car just about to hit you, I think it’s safe to say you would definitely want to know about that.

The Apple Airpods serve their purpose & they serve them very well indeed. If you’re looking for a pair of headphones that drown out everything around you, then these are 100% not for you, but mainly because these are earphones & don’t have noise cancellation. All jokes aside, if you’re looking for something that you can use on a regular, casual & extended period basis, provide solid battery life, are comfortable, don’t stick into your ears & you can hear just enough of what’s around you to provide an additional safety element all at the same time, then these are certainly for you.

Photography: HiConsumption

Photography: HiConsumption