Bumbu Rum - Deliciousness in a bottle.

Believe the hype. This drink is delicious & you need a bottle as soon as possible.

I first saw Bumbu in a music video on YouTube & I was immediately drawn to it. Regardless of who was holding it & what was around it (not that I can remember), my attention was captured. It really is such an attractive bottle, that also has an ‘X’ at the front to mark the spot.

I managed to source one from Amazon & it arrived just in time for my Friday night. As soon as I took it out of the packaging, I genuinely felt like a Pirate. All that was missing was an eye patch, a scar on my face & a ‘yarr’ every time somebody in my family asked if they could have a glass.

How Bumbu is made & the distillery used, all adds to the taste. Before you even sip the rum, you are greeted with the smell of banana’s & the Caribbean. But, even before that, the sound the cork makes every time you yank it from the bottle is so satisfying, that you are once again made to feel like a Pirate on a ship, pointlessly sailing around, in the hope that some long lost treasure is awaiting it’s discovery.. have I mentioned that this drink makes you feel like a Pirate??

I love the taste of this Rum. It’s the kind you drink on it’s own.. not even ice is required here. Mixing it with something else would be such a waste because it just doesn’t need it. I am by no means a Rum connoisseur & I am sure that by pouring in a mixer will still make it taste really good. However, you will lose all of the story you previously read (if you read it) about the 120 year old distillery, carefully selected sugarcane, naturally distilled water etc. as soon as you pour in the Coke or whatever it may be. Why throw that amazing process of what it takes to make this drink & the history behind it, all away? This is a seriously tasty rum that is so easy to drink neat & there’s a reason for that.

If there’s one thing I always appreciate about great quality alcohol, is that it never gives you a bad feeling the next morning. Bumbu is no different in that respect & I am not surprised in the slightest. This drink has everything going for it & my next purchase is just around the corner.

Photography: Womanofmanyroles

Photography: Womanofmanyroles