Samsung QLED - As bright as my future.

Firstly, this TV is bright & I like to think my future will be no different.

You’re probably wondering ‘‘how bright are we talking here??’’ & the answer to that is ‘very’. If you don’t believe me, then go to a store that has one, put on a HD channel or better and you’ll see what I mean.

I previously had a (very modest) Samsung 6400 40 inch LED. When I upgraded in August to a 2018 Samsung Q7FN 55 inch 4K HDR 1500 QLED, it took me a week to get use to it. The distance from the television to the couch is perfect, so it wasn’t that I was sitting too far or too close. As far as I am aware my eyes work just fine & there was no fault and/or setting that I needed to adjust. In all honesty it felt like I had just joined an exclusive club of QLED owners & I liked it! The fact that I had to look away to re-adjust my eyes every 30 seconds, blink more times in those first few days than I have ever done in my entire life & repeatedly re-measure the distance from the screen to the couch was irrelevant.. I was in the club!

One of the reasons I opted for this model was because it had Bluetooth, which last year’s model didn’t have. I always find that when a company release a brand new product/technology, the model that is released the year after is usually an upgraded version that is worth waiting for & this is exactly that. Everything about this TV politely tells you how refined it is. The stand is relatively slim & discreet, the almost bezel less edges give you an, well, almost entire screen & the speakers are a lot better than what you would typically expect. There is a setting by where you can change the sound output to ‘Optimized’ & the difference from the standard ‘TV Speaker’ is very much noticeable. There is also an ‘Amplify’ setting but the projection of the sound is too forced, which doesn’t make it sound good. The motion rate is also excellent & the processor is more than sufficient, so there is next to no delay when sifting through the menu, using ambient mode, voice command etc.

I have yet to properly watch native 4K content on this TV & as I am sure you can imagine I am really keen/excited to because HD looks really great, which only leads me to believe that a 4K movie would be incredible to watch.

The picture quality on the Q7 is a highly desirable one. The few people that I’ve had sitting on my couch all say the same thing ‘‘the picture is amazing’’. Even my Uncle who is a bit of technology geek & is an OLED owner (begrudgingly) uttered the very same words. I did a lot of research on OLED vs. QLED prior to my purchase. The main thing that I kept on reading about OLED was that it had ‘perfect black levels’ due to it’s organic picture produced by self-emitting LED’s that create their own light. However, how much more black do you want black to be that it becomes a key factor in your purchase? Is the picture quality vastly better than all other TV’s that it justifies a potential ‘use by’ date? The answer to that for me is ‘no’ & yes, the individual LED’s that turn on/off do have a relatively short life span, therefore, OLED technology is just not something I would invest in. The key factors I read about the QLED was that it was super bright & beautifully colorful due to it’s quantum dot technology pushing everything to the max. The pixels may not be self-emitting, but I would always trade that for a brighter, more colorful TV that has longevity.

At the end of the day the Q7 is still only an edge-lit TV. Samsung’s flagship Q9 is full-array/direct-lit, meaning there are LED’s behind the panel which are all over, resulting in better areas of brightness & darkness as they increase/decrease the dimming of the LED’s where/when required. Edge-lit means that there are LED’s only on the edges resulting in the TV trying to do the very same thing as what I just described the full-array does, but from, yeah, you guessed it.. the edges! However, unless you have the eye of a hawk & you are the type of person to be drawn to very subtle differences in black levels or brightness (not forgetting that the Q7 is already really bright & the black levels, although are not perfectly black/deep black, are already very good), the differences for me between the Q7, Q9 or even an OLED are minor.

If you have the budget for the 2018 Samsung Q9, then by all means purchase it & you will undoubtedly be having that tiny bit more fun than me.. depending on what you’re watching or which game you’re playing. On the flip side, if you have the budget, but you are looking to be smart with your money, i.e. save where you can & not at all really sacrifice on the quality of your product, because let’s face it the differences are marginal, then it has to be the 2018 Samsung Q7FN QLED. It is a superior product that has a premium design, a fantastic picture & is surely a very welcomed addition to any home.

Photography: Samsung

Photography: Samsung