Sneaky Pete - My not so sneaky review.

Whilst browsing through Amazon Prime’s online collection of movies & series, I stumbled across probably one of the best TV shows I have seen in a while.

Giovanni Ribisi (a.k.a Pete, a.k.a Marius, a.k.a well, just about anybody he wants) is the main protagonist & his acting, both as a professional & in his role, is second to none. He is clearly surrounded by great directors & writers. I would have included ‘producer’, but he does that himself. He also has a first class bunch of actors around him & I am not surprised. I can imagine Giovanni Ribisi sitting in on the castings & having his say as to who he likes or doesn’t like. Whichever way the castings get done or whoever is in charge of it is clearly doing a sterling job because there’s not a single scene of acting where I paused and thought ‘‘that’s terrible’’. For a show as entertaining & engaging as this, it definitely needs the very best. This brings me nicely onto the well respected Bryan Cranston who gave such a solid performance & I believed every word he said. This is the kind of conviction you need to support such great material.

Nothing is too far from the realms of possibility in this series & I like that. Some viewers may be inclined to start pointing out moments that could no way be pulled off. However, I disagree. Don’t get me wrong, I am fully aware that none of it is real, but if it was that far-fetched or unrealistic, I simply wouldn’t watch it. This show has been carefully crafted & put together. There is no other way of wording it. Just like any other series or movie out there, having an imagination is a must & preparing yourself to be whisked away to whatever world you are entering is mandatory.

The show has great balance. One moment it feels serious & tense, the next it’s witty & clever, funny & light-hearted etc. The list truly does goes on & if you’re wondering, yes, it does have sex as well. Believe me, this show has it all & it does not disappoint.

If you’re looking for an all-around top-notch TV series, then look no further.