Tha Carter V - It. Has. Arrived.

It felt like an eternity since Lil Wayne released his last album, then out of nowhere on a Friday morning I get a message from my older brother simply saying ‘‘Tha Carter V is out!’ As you can imagine I went straight to my Amazon Unlimited app & started streaming instantly.

From the word go I knew that this was going to be a journey. Great artists take you on a journey & they paint the most vivid picture. The first track isn’t even a song, but I could just tell Tha Carter V was going to be something special.

The songs that stood out to me was the Travis Scott feature & the Nicky Minaj ‘Dark side of the Moon’. All of the songs have genuine quality, but these two had something special about them. People will probably read ‘Nicky Minaj’ & be instantly put off. However, when you listen to it you will understand what I mean. It has some serious ‘feeling’ to it & I like the fact that Weezy is almost being vulnerably honest in his words to that one thing we must all face at some stage in our lives.. when the curtains close.

If I was to scrutinize every single song, then there is no doubt in my mind that a few would be skipped. Not because they are bad songs. Just not my cup of tea, if you will. If you want me to expand, then two words comes to mind.. commercially viable. I appreciate that as an artist creating an album attempting to deliver a list of songs that all need to be good, if not great, need to also contain a mix of tempo, sound & flavor. Even the very best artists can have a hard time filling an album with every single song being excellent because there will undoubtedly be a formula they must follow in order to achieve success. Experience counts for a lot & it’s not confined to just music. One thing they must also do is appeal to a wider audience & that inevitably means putting songs on the album that just don’t sound as strong or authentic as the others, but if it can be played on the radio, then it’s going on the album! Money does indeed talk.

The second song on the album is ‘Don’t cry’ & after listening to it I couldn’t help but feel that Lil wayne had poured his heart out, which I respect a lot. Another song that caught my attention was ‘Perfect Strangers’. This is a really great track. Towards the latter end of the album I suddenly started to hear Ashanti singing & I was pleasantly surprised.

In my experience Weezy has brought artists that we all knew & even loved at one stage, back into the limelight & made relevant again. Only a true great can achieve this kind of accolade.

I hope Lil Wayne continues to make music & lives until he is a ripe old man because without him I have nowhere else to turn when I want some reliable quality in this genre.

Photography: Wallpaper Cave

Photography: Wallpaper Cave