Quavo Huncho - Pleasantly surprising.

My opinion regarding the (majority) new generation of rappers & music that doesn’t sound all that great, are often associated with one another. I can only presume I heard some songs in the past on YouTube that just didn’t sit well with me, i.e., commercial, one size fits all etc. Therefore, in an instant, my mind was made up.

Don’t ask why I clicked on Quavo’s new album, but I just did. I thought ‘‘this will more than likely be a waste of time & will only cement what I already think of artists/music like this’’. However, what I discovered was a track listing that consisted of bouncy, catchy & addictive beats with the addition of some ‘acceptable’ lyrics. Rap music has moved on considerably since the Eminem era & as far as i’m concerned (with the exception of a rare few), lyrics don’t count for as much as they once did. It’s the sound of the instruments/beat that is at the forefront. Especially now with Trap music on the rise, which is a fusion of hip-hop & dance music. Quavo may be considered to be representing the latter, although, there are a variety of elements & sounds that co-exist with one another on this album.

There is no denying that Quavo Huncho has had some serious thought put into it. A high level of skill & talent has clearly been a part of this project. From start to finish (more or less) each song is it’s own & you’re eager to play them again. I even found myself adding songs to my ‘easy’ playlist, which is easy listening, easy decision etc. Something that I thought I would never do. Yet, I did. Sometimes you need to give thing’s/people a second chance or even just a chance full-stop. This is something that I didn’t do with Quavo, but i’m happy I did because now I have some extremely current/flavorful music to listen to on my dog walks, cycles to work or to celebrate that the weekend has arrived.. yes, I still work a tedious 9-5 job & no, I don’t plan on staying for much longer.

Some of the song’s that come to mind as being particularly noteworthy are ‘Flip the switch ft. Drake’, ‘Pass out ft. 21 Savage’ & ‘Keep that s**t ft. Takeoff’. There are a multitude of features here to feast on. Having Lil Baby on one of them was an excellent decision as he seems to be very popular right now. Travis Scott is also on the list & that song is well worth a listen or 60. The song arrangement has been well chosen/put together & before you know it, Quavo Huncho finishes. It flows incredibly well.

Being able to adapt & be innovative are key factors to both breaking out & longevity in whatever it is you may do. Music is ever progressing, new sounds are always on the rise & as time goes on, peoples thirst for change is inevitable & it requires to be quenched in different ways. What initially came across as being flimsy & unstable, is actually something that has a relatively solid foundation, with reliable actuating components that clearly know what they’re doing & it works!

Photography: Quavo

Photography: Quavo