Always In Between - Jess Glynne's finest.

I have never heard a Jess Glynne song that I haven’t liked in one way or another. She has attractive music that appeals to a wide audience & I am one of them.

‘Always In Between’ came up on my phone as a suggestion & I didn’t hesitate for one second. I tapped the Deluxe version straight away & I was swept away in her sound immediately. In previous reviews I have described some commercial music in a, let’s say, unfavourable manner & one could argue that this album, or some of the songs at least, fit into that category. However, to an extent, I disagree. Yes, there are songs that are ‘commercial’, but not what I would describe as something I have previously highlighted. The reason for that is because Jess Glynne’s songs have a unique quality to them. Regardless that a lot of them are your typical radio station play (in my opinion), they are easy listening & I had no trouble letting the album play through, which is always a clear sign of a great piece of work. Any album that flows like water & is over before you know it, has clearly done something very right indeed.

I can safely say that even if I didn’t like how a musician/artist came across or the image they portrayed was not something I would pay any attention to, but their music/work was good or really good, I would still listen/take an interest. Although, most of the time the two usually do go hand-in-hand. I have never met Jess Glynne & I have only ever seen her being interviewed a few times, yet something tells me she is a genuinely nice person that then transfers that into her lyrics, the way she sings & how her music sounds. Music should always be a direct representation and/or expression of the artist in question & I believe this/she is a perfect example of that.

As with all album reviews I like to mention a few songs that have caught my attention. ‘All I am’ is a funky sounding track with a nice message. ‘Broken’ is a sad song, but shows off Jess Glynne’s much loved electronic tone that simply reinforces why she is where she is & ‘Won’t say no’, which is a politely seductive listen.

There are a lot of songs on Always In Between that could easily be the music to a trending TV advertisement or the sound track to a Hollywood movie. That’s just simply what’s on offer here & Jess Glynne/her team should be extremely proud (i’m sure they already are) of what they’ve delivered. Will these songs be played in a year, five years or more from now? That’s certainly a fair question in relation to the ‘greatness’ of an artist. However, it is most certainly not worth spending more than a few seconds on because if they’re doing well now or have been consistently doing well, then what does it matter?

This is a project that makes you feel good. Even the sad songs seem to somehow give you hope where there doesn’t appear to be any. Her music gives off a great vibe & people have very quickly recognised that. I like to believe I hone in on good quality music & great artists. Jess Glynne ticks both of these boxes for me & I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Photography: Jess Glynne

Photography: Jess Glynne