A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships - A soundtrack to (most of) our lives.

This is a great album & it’s well worth a listen. The first song I heard from The 1975 was ‘Sincerity is Scary’, which I loved & instantly favourited on my YouTube account.

I would describe The 1975’s music as Pop Rock, but it does have a few other styles, such as, Synth, Electro, Indie & a few others. All of which are welcomed with open arms. It’s actually been very refreshing for my ears whilst listening to these guys, because as of late, all I’ve been hearing is RnB, Rap & the occasional power ballad.. Michael Bolton’s How am I Supposed to Live Without You is a legendary track & you can’t deny it! So, when The 1975 came along, I was drawn to their music like a magnet & I’m still firmly attached.

What I love about A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships is the journey it takes you on. All great albums should provide this experience. I’m listening to the album as I write this blog & it subtly takes me from one stop to the next. No gear changes are felt, yet you feel when the speed has increased/decreased. Every song on here has it’s own charm & I think that’s why I like it so much. Nothing feels rushed.

There are far too many stand-out songs to select just a few, but one of my top picks are ‘Give Yourself A Try’. It comes in after the introductory song & it’s a great way to kick-start the album. ‘I Like America & America Likes me’ is seriously catchy & ‘It’s Not Living’ is a fun song that makes you feel good.

Who would have thought by listening to a band that I had only heard a single song from, would have me listening to their album like I’ve been a fan of there’s since they began? They clearly know who they are & the music they want to create. The difference between a lot of other bands out there that have the same direction/identity & The 1975, is that the latter, evidently, execute their studio time with maximum output & of course, the small insignificant matter of their songs being really, really good. Their music has bundles of personality, refinement, diversity & balance. It’s rare to stumble across such a band that inspires this kind of description.

A couple of other songs that I have to mention are ‘Surrounded by Heads & Bodies’ & ‘Mine’. Only a few minutes ago whilst playing A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships, I was listening to a punchy beat with an electro synth & loud/catchy pop vocals, then out of nowhere, i’m then transported to a heavenly vocal acoustic & after that, i’m suddenly made to feel like i’m in a smokey underground jazz bar in Manhattan, with everyone in awe of The 1975. Their bow ties are loosened, martini’s are resting on the piano & the lead vocalist is trickling up & down the stage, whilst all eyes are fixated on him in the spotlight. If this isn’t the definition of fantastical diversity, then what is?

If my recommendations fall short of one more song, then ‘I Couldn’t Be More In Love’ follows all of the above in terms of the track listing & excellence, which leaves you thinking ‘‘who are these guys!?’’. So much, in fact, that I’m actually contemplating purchasing tickets to one of their shows & I rarely go to concerts.

If you think my words are too good to be true, then simply listen to the album. After all, taste is person specific, but I have a feeling The 1975’s A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships will be very well received.

Photography: The 1975

Photography: The 1975