Christopher Robin - Winnie the Pooh & co. have never been so funny.

Christopher Robin is a cosy tale that reminds us all why we fell in love with Pooh & co.

As expected from Disney, the animation/C.G.I is impressive & in a matter of moments, I was quickly transported back to being 7-8 years old again. As far as I could tell, the voice-over for Pooh was the most recent original (Jim Cummings), because a voice like that is too distinct to be mistaken. The rest of the gang, such as, Piglet, Roo & Eeyore, seem to have new voices, but they’re almost exactly like the originals & are just as effective, if not more, in my opinion.

In this Disney adventure, Ewan McGregor plays Christopher Robin & at the start of the movie it shows Christopher as a young boy, in the infamous Hundred Acre Wood. Relatively early on in the film, Ewan assumes the adult Christopher & he has, unfortunately, lost his sense of young minded fun that he once possessed. Although, this is where the laughter & magic begins.

After I watched the film, I was left thinking ‘‘the story didn’t consist of much’’. However, perhaps that was the point? Also, as far as I can remember, there was never a Winnie the Pooh story that involved anything more than playing in the Hundred Acre Wood & eating honey. I suppose I was expecting an, ever so slightly, in-depth adventure, but what you’re given here is a trip down memory lane, with a character that spans almost a century & a voice, although has changed a few times, is recognised by millions.

Jim Cummings has been doing the voice of Winnie the Pooh (including a whole host of other very well known characters, including Tigger) since my year of birth, 1988, which is a considerable amount of time.. for a career.

Once the film starts to get going, I couldn’t help but feel it was already starting to wrap itself up/coming to a close. There’s no denying that Disney & Marc Forster (the writer) have given me/us an elegantly crafted, visually pleasing movie that reminds me/us of our childhood, therefore, I have absolutely no right to raise a complaint due to the run-time & if anything, it’s left me in anticipation for the follow-up, should there be one, of course.. please let there be one!

What I would like to see, if any future Christopher Robin and/or Winnie the Pooh related movies do appear, is more of an adventure, especially now that this year’s release could essentially be categorised as a ‘re-introductory chapter’. I’m sure there will be people reading this Blog thinking ‘‘Christopher Robin is for children!?’’ & that may be so, but that doesn’t mean children yearn for anything less than a captivating story.

Winnie the Pooh was not the only character to be in the middle of it all. Tigger was also at the forefront of our screens, with his infectious ways, bouncing off his companions, literally & metaphorically. Piglet still is the most gentle of souls & Eeyore is laugh-out-loud funny. It was an excellent choice having Brad Garrett do the voice-over.

When I watched Christopher Robin, it was a few days prior to Christmas day, when the weather was cold, the Christmas lights were on & so was the heating (for those of you who don’t know, I love a warm & toasty home in the winter). I was completely relaxed & had no intention of moving a single muscle. Snacks were at the ready & all that was left to do was to press play. Once the respective button was pressed, the film that ensued did nothing less than put a smile on my face & warmth into my heart. Cheesy, I know, but I have a love & a soft spot for these characters like no other.

Christopher Robin is a movie that left me with an undeniable feeling of escapism from the world around me. The joyous simplicity of Pooh & co.’s conversations & antics, filled my soul with laughter, happiness & the idea that a minimalist world with nothing but friendship, care, love for those that surround us & honey, is all that’s required.

Thank you, A. A. Milne.

Photography: Christopher Robin

Photography: Christopher Robin