God of War - He really is!

Trailers of upcoming games can make a huge impact on potential players. I remember seeing the God of War 4 trailer months before it was going to be released & was taken back by what I saw. I knew very little of the God of War franchise. In fact, I thought this year’s release was a standalone, but there were 3 games prior & lucky for me, there was a re-mastered version of God of War 3, so I thought it was a good idea to play it.

God of War 3 is clearly a game that was made for the last generation of console. It is nothing that God of War 4 is & it’s actually very similar to a Super Mario style walking/running & battling through one level from start to finish. However, as simple as this may sound, just like the game I mentioned, it’s a lot of fun. The combat is satisfying, you really appreciate when you’re character is leveled up & when your weapons are upgraded, you’re eager to test them. I also found the story interesting & I had every intention of finding out what was going to happen, even if it felt like it was never going to end.

When I first put on God of War 4, I was visually blown away & that was on my Samsung 6400 40 inch LED TV. When I recently upgraded to my 2018 Samsung Q7 55 inch QLED, which you can check out on my Blog by clicking the link you just read, it took the game to a whole new level & having my Sonos Beam turned on all at the same time, had me in gaming heaven. Everything looked so sharp, the colours were super bright/vibrant & with every single sound coming at you in crystal clear quality, you’re even more immersed than you could have ever thought possible. From the word go, the game wasn’t just easy on the eyes. As soon as the game begins, your attention/intrigue is completely heightened. The cut scenes/cinematics are impressive & it feel’s like you’re watching a movie, but with a console controller in your hand at the same time. Only the most spectacular games provide this kind of experience.

As I stated at the start of this Blog, the combat in God of War 3 was enjoyable & from a game that’s title has the words ‘God of War’, I didn’t expect anything less than excellent from this years release. Typically, it was & I had so much fun! Progressing through your weapons & skills was an absolute joy, whereas on other games I’ve played, it can feel boring. In this instance, they’ve simplified everything & they even give you a demo of what move you’ve just unlocked. I like little extras like that. The more moves you unlock, the more combination moves can be done & this is where the combat turns into something else altogether.

The free-roam side to the game is very much welcomed & the side quests are really fun. The additional characters you meet are nothing short of awesome & the dialogue between one another is well written. I liked that there were challenges/areas that you could complete in order to try and win better armor, weapons etc. Although, as far as I can remember, some of the enemies were hard to beat & some of them were, well, let’s just say you’re in for a fight.

As I am sure you have guessed from the thumbnail, you’re not alone on this journey & I could only admire the relationship that was on show. You also have a relationship with a particular weapon, which is probably one of the coolest weapons I have ever used & there is no doubt in my mind that you will think so to.

This is a game that has so many check boxes ticked. From the story, to the graphics, combat, crafting, upgrades, challenges & replayability. To say that this kind of game is hard to come by would be an understatement. I am immensely grateful & appreciative to the creators of God of War 4 because it’s just that good. So much time, patience, care, & attention to detail must have gone in to creating this, that I couldn’t even begin to imagine the amount of work that was involved.

If you’ve played the previous God of War’s, then do not, for one second, think that this is anything even remotely similar. This is a completely different style of game & you’re in for a deliciously sweet treat. For those who have never played any of the franchise & are now considering doing so, all I can ask is ‘‘why are you still reading this Blog??’’.

Photography: God of War 4

Photography: God of War 4