The Capture - One of the best series' to have graced our Freeview screens.

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It doesn’t take the greatest of series’ to entertain me on Freeview, so when The Capture came along, I felt spoiled.

Laura Haddock, Callum Turner, Holliday Grainger and Ron Pearlman all star in The Capture, and they certainly do it justice. It’s entertaining, thrilling and interesting, with all of the events taking place in the city of London.

The Capture is about a British soldier, Shaun Emery, played by Callum Turner, whose put on trial for the murder of a man in a war zone, but after compelling evidence is brought forward, Shaun Emery is subsequently set free, however, he’s then accused of kidnapping his barrister, Hannah Roberts, played by Laura Haddock, and, needless to say, his whole world is turned upside down once more, with an even bigger battle on his doorstep.

Things in The Capture aren’t as straight forward as they may seem, because when American government officials are also in the limelight, such as Frank Napier, played by Ron Pearlman, it’s difficult not to come to the conclusion that a more sinister objective is at work.

When I was watching Callum Turner play the role of Shaun Emery, I was convinced he was a real soldier outside of the show, which left me consequently impressed at his level of commitment to the role. He portrays a soldier whose clearly amidst the struggle of post traumatic stress disorder, so you’re never sure whether what he’s saying is true or not, therefore, as a result, for most of the series, your glued to your seat in anticipation .

Holliday Grainger plays the role of Detective Inspector Rachel Carey, and you quickly get the impression she’s ahead of her time. She’s shrewd, intelligent and doesn’t miss much when it comes to an investigation, which is why she’s the perfect candidate for such a publicised case.

I couldn’t possibly get away with not mentioning Ron Pearlman, who plays Frank Napier, as his performances always command respect, and in this instance, it’s no different.

Not all elements of The Capture are top notch, but it does offer high quality direction, with a realistic approach and a cast of actors you’re not impartial to. Don’t get me wrong, there are scenes and acting segments you do wish weren’t there, but I suppose the script simply doesn’t take itself too seriously, or the creators didn’t want it to be, but considering what we’re getting, especially on the platform it’s on (Freeview), one can’t help use the words ‘refreshing’ and ‘appreciative’.

Ben Channan, the director, executed The Capture with precision, and has included all things you need to make a series like this worth while. I’ve seen too many series’ in the same genre fall flat on their faces, as they add to much dialogue, so when the action does arrive, you’re not interested. The Capture delivers on multiple levels, and the main protagonists are the icing on the cake.