Call of Duty Modern Warfare - A step in the right direction.

Photography: Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Photography: Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Without a shadow of a doubt, everybody involved in this years Call of Duty have delivered a solid experience, and it feels like a game that belongs in 2019.

The last Modern Warfare I played was back in 2009 on my Xbox 360 (Modern Warfare 2), and that was an unbelievable introduction for me to a first person online multiplayer. I look back on that time as a blessing, because that’s when, in my opinion, Call of Duty was at its best.

I could go over the last 10 years of Call of Duty titles, but I won’t. What’s the point? What’s done is done, and although I look back on titles, such as Black Ops 1 and 2 as my favourite Call of Duty’s, I believe it’s best to leave them where they are and move on to bigger and better things (hopefully).

Call of Duty Modern Warfare brings back all the grit of a boots on the ground game, with some new additions, but we’re also lacking a few things as well, and those things include more compact level designs, fewer game modes and a less user friendly and attractive interface. In fact, I would go as far as saying the game isn’t overly attractive in comparison to what Treyarch have/can produce, so the exterior is easily considered inferior in that respect.

Generally speaking, the maps are a lot bigger than we’ve seen in the past, resulting in an abundance of nooks and crannies that will have some players seeing red mist quicker than you could say ‘‘camper’’, though, aside from the big maps and people hiding in dark corners, the game still feels newly renovated. The feeling of intensity is huge, sound effects and gun recoil feel as realistic as ever, and the selection of kill streaks on offer have granted my nod of approval. There’s also a good selection of weapons, with the R9-0 shotgun wiping out enemies like there’s no tomorrow, and the P90 churning out bullets as you would expect it to.

The new game modes on offer are great. I love Cyber Attack and Gunfight. Cyber Attack is similar to Search and Destroy, by where you only have one life per round and you need to plant a bomb, but if you do get killed, your team mate (provided there is one, of course) does have the capability to revive you, which is a very likable element and one that I like a lot.

Gunfight on the other hand is a 2 versus 2 game mode by where you’re given two guns, one life per round, and you battle it out to see which team makes it to the 6th round first. In my opinion, this is a game mode loved by many, and one that will attract players like bees to honey.

I’ve yet to play Ground War, but I did enjoy it in the Beta, and I will undoubtedly have lots of fun when I do come to indulge in its chaotic environment. It may not be for everyone, and it’s certainly similar to a Battlefield game, but I don’t see the harm in having it as an option. Blackout was an interesting and frustrating addition to Black Ops 4, with the latter mainly due to long loading times that could inevitably and unexpectedly be short lived, so an all out frenzy with 32 players on each side, with hardly any loading times and re-spawns sounds a lot more appealing to me.

There have been comments from lots of players regarding, not only map sizes and fewer game modes, but things like footsteps being too loud, gun camo’s being relatively uninteresting and scarce, the campaign being good, yet not great, etc. However, with all of this being said, all that’s been highlighted can be fixed (besides the campaign), and if it can’t, then, well, it can’t. I’m usually the first person to highlight lazy behaviour and lack of creativity when it comes to crafting a game, but I feel, in this instance, we’ve received a good game. It may not be groundbreaking and mistake-free, yet it’s treading back onto familiar water, and that’s what I respect about it the most.

For those of you who are wondering, I have zero intention of playing the campaign, and spec ops is something I may dabble in, but due to my time being taken up with other things, I simply can’t give you a review on these. I apologise, but let’s face it, the majority of people pick up Call of Duty for the multiplayer, so I like to think I’m focusing on what matters most.

Overall, Call of Duty Modern Warfare holds its own. In my opinion, the sizable maps in comparison to the amount of players does feel unbalanced, and the general feel of the game, for e.g., colours, level designs, and general interaction with gun camo’s, emblems, etc., don’t really add up to anything special or anything that could compete with prior Call of Duty titles, especially a Treyarch developed game. However, those things don’t stop Modern Warfare from being a game that has revived fans of old and perhaps some new ones as well. It may have lost some players, but I always find with Call of Duty, no matter how well reviewed, it can’t please everybody.

As per my title, I believe Modern Warfare has taken a step in the right direction, and I look forward to sinking some hours into this years title. Also, as the Playstation 5 is, in the grand scheme of things, just around the corner, Treyarch could (I’m not holding my breath, especially after their last two ‘copy and paste’ games) present us with something genuinely mind blowing, and I’m excited to see if they can keep this momentum going.