Bohemian Rhapsody - A touching tribute.

Photography: Bohemian Rhapsody

Photography: Bohemian Rhapsody

Wow.. just wow. This film was so excellently put together, acted & delivered, and if you haven’t watched it yet & you’re thinking about doing so, then do not hesitate for a further second.

Firstly, the casting for Bohemian Rhapsody was perfect. Everybody represented Queen so brilliantly & the acting, particularly from Rami Malek, was fantastic. His performance was truly magical & I’m not using that word loosely or lightly. There’s a reason why he won a BAFTA for leading actor & oh, yeah, how could I forget, the small, insignificant matter of winning an Oscar for best actor as well! If I was wearing a hat, I would take it off to Rami Malek & applaud him for such a captivating, incredible impression of Freddie Mercury. He must have spent hours watching Freddie perform, listening to Queen etc. (if he hadn’t done so already) to give the performance of his life, which he most certainly did.

Gisele and I were waiting for the movie to be released as a rental, as the only way to watch it was to purchase it, then on the Friday of last week, it appeared on Rakuten TV, so we decided, within about 10-15 seconds, that it was time to finally watch this award winning film. The reason why it took 10-15 seconds was due to my preconceived idea that this movie had the potential to be ‘just another tribute/musical-esque biopic’, but my goodness, it was anything but that. I was under Bohemian Rhapsody’s spell, which was essentially taking ownership of my eyes from start to finish. My attention was utterly devoted to what was on the screen & I enjoyed every single moment. Of course, watching it on my Samsung QLED with a 4k stream via Rakuten TV & the Sonos Beam at a very high volume, turned the experience into something else. However, I do not think for one second, if I had watched the movie on a standard TV, with no Soundbar & with a basic resolution, would it have made Bohemian Rhapsody any less of film. This movie is pure class, no matter how you watch it.

As you would expect, the music, singing, intimate moments with the band & the individualism that made Freddie Mercury the person who we remember so fondly, is portrayed in such an engaging/exciting manner. Whether you have watched countless interviews/documentaries on Queen or you’ve hardly seen a thing, Bohemian Rhapsody takes you on a journey like you’ve never been on before & you get to know each member, especially Freddie Mercury, in a different light, with side stories that help you piece together how songs came to be, the drama along the way & most importantly, the high level of extraordinary creativity that was involved at all times, in & out of the studio.

I think it’s safe to say that had most other people made this movie, we would have observed 2 hours of debauchery & not a lot else. Perhaps a dose of music here & there, but luckily for us, we were given a masterpiece of direction, with nothing but the music at it’s core, and, may I just add, these are some of the biggest, timeless classics to have ever been made. Song after song, it truly hits home how spectacular Queen were & the superiority of Freddie Mercury’s showmanship, performance value, flamboyance & his outstanding talent/skill to craft such amazing songs that will last for as long as music is listened to.

What did you think of Bohemian Rhapsody? I would love to know your thoughts, so comment down below & let me know which film you would like me to review!

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