Our Planet - It is ours, isn't it?

Photography: Our Planet

Photography: Our Planet

Welcome to one of the most, if not the most, beautifully shot nature programmes of all time & I’m not exaggerating in the slightest.

I always thought nature documentaries with Sir David Attenborough on BBC were the be all and end all, but I was wrong. Of course, the latter has always set the standard & it’s a very high standard at that, yet Netflix’s original has taken this category to a whole other level. Combining David Attenborough’s narration with stunningly close shots of whichever animal they’re focusing on can only be a recipe for success. However, it’s not just the closeness of the shots. It’s the particular angles Silverback Films have captured that make you feel as though you’re there on the ice next to the penguin, or running parallel to a cheetah who’s on the hunt for it’s next meal. I appreciate that these are things most of us have all seen before on prior nature documentaries, yet, Our Planet’s videography is second to none & I’ve never quite seen anything like this before.

No matter how entertaining Our Planet is, though, there is a strong message at it’s core & is conveyed in a brilliant manner. Whilst you’re completely encapsulated in the events of the animals on this earth, you’re swiftly and bluntly told and/or reminded that things have become so bad with, for e.g., pollution, over-fishing, hunting animals to near extinction etc. Therefore, in an instant, you’re made aware & I, for one, not only respect the message, but felt compelled to do something about it, or, at the very least, make more people aware. Whether I have any impact or not is irrelevant. Regardless, Our Planet has succeeded.

It has to be said that Sir David Attenborough’s work is staggeringly impressive, mind-blowingly committed & it always helps having the most listenable voice on the entire planet with Morgan Freeman coming in at 2nd place. Wait. Hang on a minute. How satisfying would it be to have both of them narrate on the same nature documentary!? If this has never been done/discussed, then this needs to happen immediately.

Our Planet exceeded my expectations & then some. I was, at first, dubious surrounding the quality and integrity of how a Netflix nature documentary would be, despite having David Attenborough on board. Needless to say, I have been thoroughly impressed, entertained & educated. Three things I never thought at the start I would be saying about this TV show & three things I would always welcome into my life.

If you like Sir David Attenborough, nature documentaries & want to be blown away with the filming, as well as the backdrops to some of the world’s most incredible locations, plus, learn more about what’s going on out there in conjunction with these animals & our planet, good or bad, then simply sit back, get comfortable & press play.