Sneaky Pete Season 3 - Go hard or go home.

Photography: Sneaky Pete

Photography: Sneaky Pete

The Sneaky Pete writers have been at it again, but this time things are a lot more complicated than they have ever been.

Giovanni Ribisi welcomes you back to another dose of his, or shall I say Pete’s, or shall I say Marius’ conmanship (yes, that is a word). Although this time there are a lot more stories going on all at once. Some may say it’s confusing & perhaps too much. Others may say it’s over the top & hard to keep up. I say that it’s just what season 3 needed.

The reason why I think season 3 needed a complex, almost confusing story line is because it keeps things interesting & most importantly, it keeps you thinking/guessing. Nobody wants the clock to simply keep habitually ticking (not me, anyway!). I would go as far as saying nearly anybody could sit there and come up with another heist/con that would fit into the box it obviously was designed for (whether it would be a good con/heist is an entirely different question), yet, that’s not the aim of the game here. The aim of the game is to, yes, of course, have a con in the works, but who’s to say it needs to follow a linear/predictable passage of dullness. In fact, had the writers of Sneaky Pete given us another big con, I would have been disappointed and surprised because they’re clearly and evidently better than that.

I really like the way season 3 kicks off. It tricks you into thinking that Marius is up to his usual tricks within a familiar setting, but then it’s suddenly flipped onto his head, in more ways than one & is then followed by a swift introduction of what we all have come to know and love.

Season 3 of Sneaky Pete has a new addition to the team, Lizzie, who is played by Efrat Dor. Lizzie is a hardened con-artist with her and Marius having unfinished business to attend to. The show also welcomes Stefano Kilbane, played by Suit’s star Patrick J. Adams, who executes his role well.

Unfortunately, the reason why season 3’s release was delayed was due to the passing of Ricky Jay, who assumed the role of TH Vignetti. Ricky Jay’s character works for Stefano & is quite the personality in every episode he’s in. Ricky Jay was a great fit for the show & may he now rest in peace.

For the first time ever we see Marius show a specific vulnerability to himself. A side which I never thought was possible or one the writers would let us see, so I can’t help but feel that the writers would/could now build from that. Season 4 all depends on the success of this season & no matter how many cons I see, I want to see another one. It must now be a challenge for David Shore & Bryan Cranston, the executive producers, to come up with new material (if they haven’t done so already) for what could easily be perceived as re-jiggled repetition at this point. We’ve all now seen three seasons of elaborate cons & a story line that appears to have reached a climax. However, just like Marius himself, you can never rule it out. I just hope that if season 4 is given the green light (again, if it hasn’t been already), that the writers give us a new wave of excitement & keep things fresh.