Trapstar Turnt Popstar - PnB Rock's music is highly addictive.


I have never really dedicated a lot of my time to PnB Rock’s music, but from now on I most certainly will.

There’s something about Trapstar Tunt Popstar that has you listening to every single song and every single second of it. He produces entertaining, yet mellow music that has you streaming the album with no interruptions. PnB Rock may not necessarily fulfill your lyrical hunger, but he’s by no means lacking in that department. The lyrics on offer are catchy, smooth & varied, which is what you want from an artist as laid back as this.

One song I particularly like is ABCD & the video has a fun/summer vibe, which is always welcomed. Another song that immediately caught my attention was All These Bandz featuring Tory Lanez, but to be completely honest, there’s a lot of good features on this project and a lot of good songs, so it’s always hard to recommend just a few when you know there’s so many to choose from. However, despite me saying that, F**k up the city featuring Mally Mall & Quavo is up there with one of the best on there for me. I also like Go to Mars featuring Tee Grizzley. That particular song means business & would benefit massively from a speaker that provides exceptional bass.

I know what your’re thinking, or, what some of you may be thinking, which is, does PnB Rock need a feature to make his music sound good/to stay relevant? And the answer is, no. Trapstar Turnt Popstar just shows us what can be done when you combine a naturally talented/creative with well picked features.

In some ways PnB Rock just turned up onto the scene with a seamless flow, progressive beats & a gravitating aura. Although, I know that nearly all artists have had their fair share of hard work prior to finally reaching the limelight. From what I have read, PnB Rock is no different. In fact, by the sounds of things, he has had it harder than most, so it’s always good to see someone do well in life who has had it difficult previously. I just hope he continues in his musical venture, keeps his feet firmly on the ground & stays true to his artistry/himself.

Photography: PnB Rock

Photography: PnB Rock