Murder Mystery - It's everything you expected it to be.

Photography: Murder Mystery

Photography: Murder Mystery

When I saw Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston were in another film together, I knew there was only one outcome.

Netflix really are doing themselves proud at the minute. I appreciate that ‘‘so they should be” comes into play, but it’s got to be easier said than done.

As per my title, Murder Mystery is everything you expect it to be. It’s cheesy, there’s constant one-liners that make you want to hide your face in embarrassment, yet, I still found them funny. I’m no stranger to cheesy jokes, in fact, I usually laugh at them because they’re always so bad that they become good, so if you’re like me, then you’re guaranteed to laugh at least a few times during this 1 hour and 37 minute concussion of mildly entertaining ridiculousness.

When I saw David Walliams’ face, I was shocked. Since when has David Walliams been involved in movies such as these? When I saw Luke Evans and Gemma Arterton, I quickly realised that these actors simply had to be involved in this easy-watching comedy mystery film like this. They instantly add, not only credibility, but a relationship between the film and it’s viewers, which, let’s face it, Murder Mystery desperately required.

The movie is based around an extremely wealthy man who is murdered on his yacht at the exact moment he’s about to sign over all his wealth to his partner. Jennifer Aniston, who plays Audrey Spitz, a hairdresser who’s been begging her husband to take her to Europe & Adam Sandler, who plays Nick Spitz, a police officer who constantly evades the idea of his wife’s desire to go to Europe. Eventually, Nick gives in to the holiday & off they go, but on their way, they find themselves hard-pressed not to go aboard a yacht they were invited on by the nephew of the billionaire, Charles Cavendish, played by Luke Evans. Before you know it, the story unfolds & the mystery unravels.

Usually with movies like this you’re bored about half way through. I found my brain switching off at certain moments. There just wasn’t anything for me to think about or ponder over. Murder Mystery did keep the ball rolling, but I never felt inclined to try and solve the mystery myself. The scenery was great, the actors were cleverly chosen & I found the comedy relatively funny, but as far as a murder mystery movie goes, I suppose it sits in it’s own genre of ‘lighthearted tom-foolery’.

Give it a watch if you’re looking for light entertainment with a dusting of murder mystery. The locations, yachts and cars are beautiful to look at & the actors give the performances they were hired to do. It’s by no means a bad film, but whether it’s a good film is entirely debatable.