Top 5 Worst Movie Endings - Really!??

I’ve always liked the idea of absolutely slating a movie ending (in the nicest way possible) & now I finally have that chance, so sit back, relax & enjoy.

1.) Edge of Tomorrow - This movie annoyed me so much that when I made it to the end, I simply switched off the TV, curled up in a corner and rocked back and fourth whilst telling myself ‘‘everything will be alright’’.

How could a movie that’s about dying several thousand times, then coming back to life, not be annoying in some way or form?? By the time Edge of Tomorrow got to it’s halfway point, I was ready to pull the plug, yet I continued to the end and witnessed one of the most cliche endings I’ve ever seen & when a film makes it onto the worst endings & most annoying movies list, then you know it thoroughly deserves it’s place.

2.) A History of Violence - I vividly remember going to the cinema to watch this movie & distinctly remember the entire audience standing up at the exact moment the credits rolled with the sound of the biggest sigh I’ve ever heard, with mine included.

I will never forget the trailer to A History of Violence, because it looked so promising & the title of the film had the word ‘violence’ in it! I mean, come on! Not to mention Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn) was in it, therefore, why wouldn’t I be excited for such a movie!?

I remember the movie being terribly slow & not a lot happened. When you thought something was about to happen, it didn’t, then out of nowhere the credits rolled after some speech about how the main protagonist didn’t want to return to ‘that’ life. Need I say more?

3.) Bladerunner 2049 - I’m sorry to say it folks, but this movie not only had the most anticlimactic & boring ending, it also was, in the grand scheme of things, an awful movie

Sure, the CGI/graphics were amazing, the tense moments had me engaged & the atmospheric pleasures did what they were intended to do, yet, the plot/narrative bored me to kingdom come & it made me wonder why they let this happen?

Unfortunately, this is another movie that’s made it to the ‘two-box checklist’, however, this time the second box is ‘big let downs’.

4.) Alien vs. Predator - You can say ‘‘what else were you expecting’’ as much as you like, it doesn’t stop the fact that the ending to Alien vs. Predator was as predictable as a bride throwing a bouquet of flowers after the ceremony.

I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who hated this film, but for all it’s wrong-doing’s, I thought it was mildly entertaining & I had always wanted to see an Alien vs. Predator showdown. The movie had it’s moments, it was entertaining at times, as well as being ‘cool’ in places, but by the time the ending had come, the integrity of the film vanished into thin air.

5.) Rambo - The ending to Rambo had me in hysterics. I was laughing & shaking my head in disapproval all at the same time. I loved the movie for being so bluntly violent, but the ending was just plain silly/stupid.

Most of us know what Rambo is all about & what he is capable of, hence why we watch the movies. However, when it comes to an entire army shooting at someone & that someone somehow survives, with the addition of saving people along the way, questions needs to asked.

Thank’s for reading my Top 5 Worst Movie Endings list!

What are your top 5?? Comment down below!