Killing Eve - Farfetched, yet entertaining.

Photography: Killing Eve

Photography: Killing Eve

Sandrah Oh has one of the most animated faces of any crime thriller series I’ve ever seen.

I wasn’t expecting much when I saw the banner for Killing Eve on BBC’s iPlayer. I usually almost always anticipate something typically British, unoriginal & boring on this platform. However, Killing Eve, with it’s jetsetting European destinations & relentless assassinations, turned it into something much more sinister and thrilling.

Killing Eve is based on the novel by Luke Jennings, but the actual book is called Codename Villanelle & the writer/creator of Killing Eve, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, deserves a lot of credit indeed.

The series is centred around a Russian assassin, Villanelle, played by Jodie Comer, who is being hunted by MI5 for the assassinations of multiple victims in various destinations, such as, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, to name a few, which, by the way, are a real treat to see. The plot is as cliché as they come, but there are added twists & Villanelle’s psychopathic, kooky ways do hold your attention. Eve, played by Sandra Oh, is a clever, intuitive MI5 desk worker who has been given the responsibility, along with her team, to locate and capture Villanelle. Eve is an emotional wreck at times & her attachment to, not only the job, but also the assassin, grows exponentially as she discovers more about the Russian killer.

There is a tongue in cheek undertone throughout Killing Eve that always stops you from taking it too seriously. Given the amount of calculated and/or reckless behaviour you witness, you’re never left feeling bogged down when somebody is murdered. The pacing is fast & the character development is few and far between, so you don’t have long to dwindle, nor do you care.

One particular scene I recall shows Eve attempting to get away from Villanelle with two of her colleagues. Villanelle is a mere few yards away with a gun in hand pointing it at Eve & co., yet, she somehow misses and nobody is shot. They all manage to evade Villanelle via a car, but then Eve slams on the brakes and exits the only means of escape to confront/talk to the assassin..? Did I mention this murderer had a gun?? It’s not the first time somebody miraculously escapes from being shot, whether in a series or a movie, when in reality they wouldn’t stand a chance, and it most certainly won’t be the last, but confronting a psychopathic assassin, at that stage of their ‘relationship’ is a highly improbable scene for most viewers & for me, is bordering on ‘stupid’ territory.

At the end of it all, moments like the one I’ve just described above is, of course, my personal opinion. You may watch it and think the complete opposite. There were a few more scenes that I could mention that weren’t to my taste, but I’m not going to divulge. I simply highlighted the the one above to provide you with an honest insight into the level of realism on offer. Take from it what you will.

Killing Eve had some great moments, good humour, with an international government agency man-hunt theme, but I didn’t always laugh at it’s jokes, some scenes were just plain silly/highly doubtful & it didn’t take itself seriously enough for me to ever ‘love’ it. It was entertaining, but I couldn’t see myself highly recommending it to anybody. Jodie Comer’s various accents were impressive, though & she played her role excellently. If I had to pick one particular reason to watch Killing Eve, then Jodie Comer is it.