5 Goovie suggestions - That's 5 movies suggested by my girlfriend that turned out to be good.

So many of us have been there, right? You’re usually bored, nothing to do, then you have that conversation with your partner ‘‘Shall we watch something? What shall we watch??’’. And sometimes the response is ‘‘How about..’’, then queue a movie title you had absolutely zero intention of watching.

Well, this list is of 5 movies that were ‘suggested’ (if I didn’t watch them, it would never be forgotten) to me by my girlfriend & turned out to be not that bad. You could even say they were in the bracket of ‘good’.. who am I kidding!? They were the best! Obviously I’m joking, but I’m not embarrassed at all (much) to admit that I’ve watched and liked these movies.

Enough of the typing, here’s the goovies!

1.) The Greatest Showman - Now, I know what you’re thinking, musical’s are for the rare breed of person who enjoy’s a film that is constantly interrupted by it’s own cheesy, sometimes annoying, singing. I’m not necessarily a fan of musicals, per se, but if the story is entertaining, it’s a visual spectacle & the songs are well written, then I don’t mind if some singing crops up now and again, but they have to be good songs!

The Greatest Showman is exactly what I’ve described above. The story is interesting, the visuals are great & the songs are well written, as well as, dare I say it, catchy. If you’re watching it in 4K with a soundbar or surround sound, then even better. Not only will you impress your partner who would probably love to watch this movie with you, but something tells me you’ll end up enjoying the ride as well, so give it a try! Believe me, the brownie points will be worth it in the long run, or the short run, depending on how lucky you get.

2.) Isn’t it Romantic - Again, I know what you’re thinking, but hear, or, shall I say, read me out..? This film is genuinely funny & plays on all the cliche’s of all the romantic movies of the past, i.e., it pokes fun at all the other cheesy, romantic comedies from old, just like how you’ve probably poked fun at them yourself whilst in a conversation with whomever you were with at the time.

Rebel Wilson is as confident as they come and although her sense of humour is just plain silly at times, it can also be really funny . She clearly has a great time playing the fool & as much as you may try to resist, you can’t ignore the fact that her idiosyncratic ways do make you smile, so why not let your movie genre inhibitions go and laugh as much as you can.

3.) A Star Is Born - For all it’s hype and mass marketing, A Star Is Born is actually quite a gritty, dark film. Yes, it has lots of singing, but it also has a sense of morality that all of us can relate to, or at least associate with, as human beings.

If you want to know what this film was about, then the clue is in the name & the story has been told in such a way that you can’t help but get emotionally involved. Whether you want/wanted to be famous or not, A Star Is Born focuses on what it’s like for a dream like that to come true, the highs and lows that inevitably ensue and the unpredictably of, not only life, but how we, as humans, feel, think and change.

4.) The Grand Budapest Hotel - It’s a relatively old film now and it didn’t appeal to me in the slightest at the time, but when Gisele decided to put it on, I decided to see how it went.

It didn’t take long for me to appreciate the comedy The Grand Budapest Hotel had. I could only describe the movie as being a semi-eccentric film with drama and crime stamped all over it. Ralph Fiennes is the star of show, but he is surrounded by a strong group of actors & for a film that I thought was going to be boring and stale, actually turned out to be quite funny and quirky. There’s nothing particularly special about The Grand Budapest Hotel, but it is an easy watch and your bound to at least smirk at various points in it’s run time.

5.) Life Itself - If you want the full low-down on Life itself, then have a read of my blog about it here.

In a nut shell, this movie will have you either upset or in tears at one point or another. Life Itself is as tragic as it gets when it comes to every day life, so if you do watch it, be sure to have only the closest people in the vicinity, unless of course, you don’t mind getting upset, teary or even the slightest bit concerned whilst there are people around you who you may not necessarily know that well, in which case, go for it!

Oscar Isaac, Olivia Wilde, Olivia Cooke & Antonio Banderas are in this film, which can only suggest one thing.. great acting! I’m going to go out on a whim here and say that this is probably a movie that most people will tend to bypass without noticing/hesitation, so just imagine your partners face when you put Life Itself on and act like it’s nothing!

Despite the tone of Life Itself, I believe it’s good to get in touch with your sensitive side. Compassion and understanding are incredibly powerful abilities to obtain, along with love, care, acceptance, etc. You could truly walk away a better person after watching a movie like this, so what other reason do you need to push play?

I genuinely hope you enjoy at least one of the above, if not all!

If you have scored brownie points with your partner, then please do not hesitate in letting me know in the comments section down below & tell me which movie/s did the trick!?

Thank you for reading & I’’ll see you on the next post!