5 Feel Good Movies - Sometimes they just need to happen.

Whether you’re in need of a movie that simply puts you in a good mood or you require that little extra to give you that added boost of positive energy, then you’re not alone, which is why list’s such as these exist.

Without further a due, I present to you my 5 Feel Good Movies.

1.) Harold and Kumar Get The Munchies - As basic as this film is, it’s super effective. No matter how many times I give this movie a watch, it’s not enough. I could watch Harold and Kumar Get The Munchies untill the cows came home and I would still continue to re-watch it. That’s right, the cows!

Harold and Kumar Get The Munchies does exactly what it says on the tin, however, you do witness one of the funniest journeys you’ll ever see to fulfill their munchies. This movie is not tacky in the slightest and it doesn’t look or feel cheap, believe me! It’s actually a very professionally made film with good actors all around, including Neil Patrick Harris, Ryan Reynolds & Anthony Anderson!

The sense of humour is great and it simply plays on all the cliches of your typical weed smoking rituals, saga’s & trip’s. It also pokes fun at various other things a long the way, which, given the plot, provides that variety it so desperately needed. For me, this is the epitome of a feel good movie.

2.) Man Up - Who doesn’t like Simon Pegg?? The man is a genius at work, as well as an impressive movie director and producer.

Man Up is about a woman called Nancy, played by Lake Bell, who ends up going on a blind date with a man called Jack, played by Simon Pegg. The adventure that ensues is wild at times and genuinely laugh out loud funny. Again, for a film by where, in the grand scheme of things, not a lot happens, it’s a surprisingly effective movie.

I can confidently say I’ve watched Man Up a handful of times with my partner Gisele & we always end up having a good time watching it. It’s a light, funny, semi-romantic comedy and is sure to put a smile on your face, especially when Simon Pegg is as funny as I’ve ever seen him.

3.) The 40 Year Old Virgin - Just as I praised Simon Pegg in the above post, Steve Carell deserves equally the amount of encouraging words for his work. Although he’s been in a lot of silly comedy films, he’s a diverse actor and is a very talented creative.

In The 40 Year Old Virgin, he plays a man called Andy Stitzer who, if you haven’t guessed already, is a 40 year old virgin.. I know, right!? Andy works in a retail store among some of his close friends, such as David, played by Paul Rudd and Cal, played by Seth Rogen. His friends eventually find out about his ongoing situation and decide to give him a push into the, eventual, right direction.

Again, this movie is light in it’s tone and doesn’t take masses of concentration and/or focus, but that’s the beauty of it, so you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

4.) Dumb & Dumber - It doesn’t get any more stupid than this movie, but it’s is a timeless classic and is one of the funniest films that simply makes you forget about the world outside.

Jim Carey has and always will be a superstar when it comes to acting, but his partner in crime in Dumb & Dumber, Jeff Daniels, does a splendid job in balancing things out. Yes, both are unfathomably annoying and dumb, but they both have spells in enlightening one another at times and on other occasions there is simply no hope for either of them & I think that’s what makes this movie so great.

For those of you who haven’t seen this movie, when a briefcase is purposely left behind at an airport and Loyd Christmas is around to ‘save the day’ by embarking on a journey to try and return it with his best friend Harry Dunne, that’s when Dumb & Dumber turns into something truly memorable.

5.) Toy Story - The original Toy Story marks an incredible moment in movie making history by where CGI took things to the next level. Not to mention Tom Hanks’ unmistakable and charismatic voice drawing people in from almost every corner of the earth.

Disney just does things differently to everybody else. They’ve forever been setting trends, placing the bar extremely high and being the pioneers within this industry. When Toy Story came along with such a simple plot of a boy who loves his toys, but then falls in love with another, more newer, modern toy, bringing all of that to life was such an imaginative idea and it was executed so well.

Toy Story is not just a feel good movie, it also brings joy, happiness and togetherness between one another. It was an outstanding movie at the time, especially as I was still a kid when it came out & it’s still an entertaining, funny watch, even after all these years later.

What do you think of my 5 Feel Good Movies??

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