Stranger Things Season 3 - A relentless roller coaster.

Photography: Stranger Things

Photography: Stranger Things

It doesn’t get any more enthralling than season 3, which is why Stranger Things is a cut above the rest.

As I’m sure you may have guessed, the Mind Flayer has returned, but this time there’s an outsider involved & things have become extremely tricky to deal with.

For some strange reason (excuse the pun), nostalgia struck at the sight of Eleven, Dustin, Mike, Will, Lucas & the rest of the familiar faces. This is an unusual feeling for a TV show that hasn’t been around for very long. Therefore, the only explanation I can give is down to excellent character development, brilliant casting and sublime storytelling. Stranger Things has to be Netflix’s equivalent to The Lord of the Rings’ one ring to rule them all, a.k.a. ‘‘my precious’’ & who can blame them? They truly have struck gold.

The 1980’s is my favourite decade by a country mile, which is one of the many reasons I love this sci-fi horror by The Duffer Brothers. There’s also something about that sense of friendship at the core of Stranger Things’ foundation that resonates and connects with me like most other things wouldn’t. Friendship was an important thing for most people when growing up & some of the best memories derive from those times.

Stranger Things Season 3 is by far the darkest and the most gory I’ve ever seen this series. Every single episode consists of, not only action packed moments that are fueled with a sense of urgency, it also builds on the relationships you already had with it’s characters & before you know it the season is over.

As I was watching season 3, I couldn’t help but think about a news article headline titled ‘the last season’, so I had that recurring thought from start to finish whilst watching Hopper & Joyce, which actually made me appreciate each episode more than I had/would have ever done. Although, I am now uncertain as to how much truth there was in that story & the lesson to be learnt from that is simple. When you go to watch a movie, series, or whatever it may be, make sure your mind is a blank canvas, otherwise, you will already have a preconceived idea with regards to what your about to see, i.e. your mind has already been made up and/or decided for you & that’s never good!

As expected, all of the main actors had grown up considerably and the writers didn’t ignore this. In fact, they embraced it & I liked that they did. There’s nothing the producers can do about maturity, so why not welcome it with open arms and make it humourous all at the same time? Of course, with that came all the cliches, yet, it was more than acceptable, because it’s Stranger Things! Even when certain scenes got a tad cheesy at times, you gave it a pass, as it’s just the way it goes with Netflix’s hit TV series. If anything, that’s what gives it’s charm.

It’s refreshing to watch something that knows what it is, the level of quality it produces and what their audience expects. I was delighted and genuinely encouraged for the future of, not only the franchise, but for it’s actors, directors, producers, writers, etc. When you put on a show that seamlessly continues it’s wave from the prior, then you know it’s mark has been made on, not only Netflix, but as an overall TV series. Greatness comes in all shapes and forms and in this instance it comes in the form of an entire team of passionate lovers of the creative arts & I’m seriously impressed.