Indigo - Chris Brown's music is the definition of consistency.

Photography: Chris Brown

Photography: Chris Brown

Not only has Chris Brown’s latest album, Indigo, got some great songs, it also reflects on his longevity, grit and determination in continuing to do what he does best.

When Chris Brown came along with Yo back in 2005, I liked his style, dance moves and the tone of his voice. He was clearly a smooth singing artist that had lots of potential, so at that point, I think it was safe to say he had a bright future ahead of him.

As time went on, Chris Brown brought out hit after hit record & he was not letting up. His fame catapulted & he quickly became one of the biggest R&B stars on the planet. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances with Rihanna, his popularity and reputation were considerably effected. I truly believe if that incident didn’t occur, Chris Brown would have been continually heralded as the greatest R&B star of the decade. However, as the incident was a reality, peoples estimations of him plummeted, regardless of how good his songs were. Although you may sit there and think ‘‘People moved on from that. That’s in the past’’, what you mustn’t forget is that there was/is still a large proportion of people that haven’t forgotten, because that kind of press stays with you for a lifetime, whether you want to admit it or not.

Just to clear things up, should they need to be, of course, I want to make it clear that I’ve been a long time fan of Chris Brown since he began & I’m not re-visiting his past for the sake of a ‘buzz’ in my writing/readership sake. I’m simply giving a brief timeline & I am going somewhere with this.

In 2011 Chris Brown released F.A.M.E., the following year he released Fortune, then X, Fan of a Fan with Tyga, Royalty, Heartbreak on a Full Moon & various mixtapes in between. Needless to say, Chris Brown has released an abundance of songs during his career, including some of the most popular songs to have ever been made in the history of the genre. He clearly has a knack for making music & that’s something nobody can deny.

Chris Brown’s latest album, Indigo, arrived on 28th June 2019 & what’s been presented to us is 32 songs of what we could only accept as a wonderful gift from an outstanding singer and artist. I have played Indigo from start to finish, then shuffled it continuously over the last 6 days & I have come to the conclusion that it’s a sturdy, solid project with a strong foundation. Of course, with 32 songs, you’re bound to have at least a few that didn’t quite cut the mustard, but only in comparison to some of the other tracks, which is expected, given how many there are. None of those songs are bad songs, though & the good songs completely outweigh them, which I’m happy to report.

Indigo is a summer treat that I will happily binge on for some time. Whether you’re looking for an upbeat, high tempo party song, a slow, mellow and soothing vocal demonstration, or a feature that has you thinking about all kinds of different thoughts, whether that be about your current partner, a previous one or perhaps even a future one, maybe even a friend that hasn’t reached that kind of stage yet, Indigo has you covered. It’s beautifully well balanced, delivers in all the key areas Chris Brown typically serves & meets all the expectations you would have had prior to putting it on.

It’s always a tradition in my reviews on albums that I recommend and/or highlight some songs that stood out to me, so the first one has to go to Come Together featuring H.E.R., which, by the way, is probably my favourite song on Indigo at the moment. A close second has to go to the Justin Bieber & Ink feature, Don’t Check On Me, as I love the simplicity it offers with it’s acoustic guitar, as well as the sincere vocals. Third place is a tough one, but it has to be No Guidance featuring Drake. However, please note, these are the songs that immediately flagged up to my ears upon the first few listens & as with any good album, the songs you like always chop and change.

As you’ve probably guessed from the above, the amount of features on Indigo are inspiring to say the least. Lil Jon makes an appearence, Tank, Tory Lanez, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, Juvenile, Juicy J, G-Eazy, Gunna, Ink, Trey Songz, Lil Wayne & Joyner Lucas! I was getting a little tired just typing their names out because there’s so many & all have collaborated brilliantly. Overall, the feature list really has taken me by surprise.

Just as the summer has begun where I live, Bournemouth, UK, Chris Brown releases Indigo, which couldn’t have been better timing. As strange as this may sound, I can always seem to rely on Chris Brown to give me that feeling of being back in my late teen’s/early 20’s, driving around in my car with no care in the world, or catching up with a friend whilst having a drink and putting us in a ‘feel good’ mood. Sometimes his music simply cheers me up, but the point I’m trying to make is that a great artist makes you feel things & that is an innate ability Chris Brown clearly possesses.

Music is a magical thing & I wouldn’t know what I would do without it. If you’re reading this, Chris, then thank you for all the music you have provided us in your career thus far & I look forward to hearing, or perhaps seeing, where you go from here.

Thank you for reading & I would love to know your thoughts on Indigo below!

Photography: Chris Brown

Photography: Chris Brown