5 TV Series' I Gave Up On - I really wanted them to be good!

When you’re in search of a good TV series, you want the experience to last a lifetime, or at the very least, for it to live up to it’s hype, trailer or description.

I apologise in advance if any of the below 5 TV series’ are currently on your watch list, or they were going to be, yet I cannot shy away from my opinions on them, so I shall begin the list without haste!

1.) Mr. Robot - For an incredibly wild TV series, with it’s first season being very entertaining, I was stunned when I began the second season, as the only question I was asking myself was ‘‘What happened!?’’. When I look back on the first season, I suppose you could say it was almost too good of an introduction. Mr. Robot was covered in head to toe with mystery and a sense of ‘world revolution’, but what drew me to this series was the computer hacking and the amount of power one person could possess within the online world.

Rami Malek, as the main protagonist, was second to none in all of the episodes I watched. It was such a shame the narrative in the second season took a complete turn for the worse. Mr. Robot turned from a brilliant TV series, into a dull, boring mess. There’s no other words for it. I read that the third season picks up the pace again, but for me it’s too late. Once you’ve lost me, then I’m out.

2.) The Man In The High Castle - This is another TV series where the plot had my interests peaked. WWII was brutal, to say the least, but it’s the Nazi regime, their secrets and weapons that have always had my attention. For all of Hitlers wrong doing’s, he was one of the best tactician’s the world had ever seen, so when there’s a TV series based around post WWII, had the Nazi’s won, then that story has me sold in an instant.

Season 1 of The Man In The High Castle was slow at times, but it was also well worth it’s viewership. The characters were interesting, I liked the direction it was going in and it was dark enough for me to take seriously. However, just like Mr. Robot, by the time the second season came to pass, I was bored stiff. Each episode felt like I was watching a clock tick or paint drying. It really was that bad & needless to say, I was bitterly disappointed with the outcome.

3.) Good Omens - As mentioned in a previous post, which was titled 5 Upcoming Prime Video TV Series 2019, I was skeptical regarding Good Omens’ story, characters and it’s humour, yet I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt.

I gave this a watch on my own because Gisele simply said ‘‘I’ll leave this one to you’’ & the first thing I noticed was how British Good Omens felt. I later learnt that it was co-made by the BBC, therefore, at that point, the only thing I was happy about was how good my instincts were. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the BBC making a series or co-making one, but I do feel that they seem to usually always tone things down in it’s entertainment value and add a considerable amount of ‘cheese’ that tends to put me off.

Regardless of my ongoing affair with the BBC, Good Omens just didn’t make me laugh. Not one single smirk came out of me during it’s first episode & this is a series that was meant to be funny! Unfortunately, Good Omens just didn’t do it for me. As accepting as I was of a plot that sounds as cliche as it is/was, which, in a nutshell, is a coalition between an angel and a demon to stop the end of the world from happening, there wasn’t anything that made me want to continue. Sorry, Amazon Studios.

4.) Too Old To Die Young - In the title of this post I wrote ‘I really wanted them to be good!’, but none did I want this to be more true than Too Old To Die Young.

The trailer to this series gave me the impression we were about to receive something truly groundbreaking & I was ecstatic to finally fill my boots with something that was right up my street. And as ‘up my street’ as Too Old To Die Young was/is, each episode and scene felt like it was being dragged out for as long as humanly possible.

Most series’ episodes are, roughly, 40 minutes to 1 hour. Too Old To Die Young’s episode lengths were 1 hour and 40 minutes. Now, as great as that may initially sound, when you’re watching a particular scene where two people are having a conversation with ludicrously extended pauses between, either, one sentence to the next, or, from one persons response to the next, the 1 hour and 40 minute episode length’s now suddenly make sense.. sort of.

There’s nothing new in the story of Too Old To Die Young, which is primarily based around a police officer, drug cartels and gangs, but that doesn’t mean it’s not entertaining & it’s clearly been made by an incredible team of highly skilled creatives. However, as visually impressive as what you’re watching may be, there’s a fundamental flaw in the pacing of the story. I felt as if my life had slowed down to the point of madness & although there were moments of violence that would re-ignite my interest, these were few and far between.

5.) When They See Us - Something tells me I won’t be particularly popular by putting When They See Us on this list, but at the same time, regardless of the history of the story, I can only be honest about the series.

When They See Us cropped up in my 5 Upcoming Netflix TV Series 2019 and I was excited to see what it brought. Everything about this Netflix Limited Series shouted at the top of it’s lungs ‘‘the judicial system was horrendously corrupt & these 5 kids truly suffered!’’. This series focuses on 5 kids who were convicted of a crime they did not do & Ava DuVernay, the director, did her best to make this as hard hitting as she possibly could have.

What stopped me from continuing to watch When They See Us was when it dragged out particular moments with the five kids being interrogated, or, shall I say, bullied. I can only presume this was a mentally scarring time for all that were involved on the other side of the law back in 1989, but I felt as though it didn’t need to linger for as long as it did. Perhaps When They See Us wasn’t what I was looking for on that particular evening I gave it a watch, as I just wanted the story to progress, rather than driving that particular point/scene home & as a consequence, it became all too familiar. Regardless of my critique, it’s clearly a story that just needed to be told & what better way to tell the world than having it available on a global streaming platform, such as Netflix.

Did I dismiss a series that I shouldn’t have done?? I would love to know your thoughts!

What list should I do next!? Comment down below!