Port of Miami 2 - Rick Ross strikes again.

Photography: Rick Ross

Photography: Rick Ross

Some of the songs on Port of Miami 2 are genuinely impressive & I can’t say I’m surprised.

For one of the most defined and signature sounds in the rap industry, re-defining and creating new sounds to match Rick Ross’ voice must be one heck of a challenge, although, in Port of Miami 2, they’ve (producers, beat makers, etc.) risen to the challenge & it’s always great to hear new sounds and excellent replayability value.

Rick Ross has always been somewhat of an enigma to me. I have the impression he keeps his cards close to his chest and what we see and hear from him, probably like most other artists, is his persona, as oppose to the real Rick Ross.

When he released his debut single in 2006, which was ‘Hustlin’, he swiftly signed to Jay Z’s Def Jam Records, then Port of Miami was released, which was Rick Ross’ debut album that had achieved very successful results & in the wake of that ensued monstrous collaborations, musical rivalry, waves of new music and his promotion of luxury living that is still heavily promoted and encouraged till this day.

I read a great comment a few days ago on one of his most recent videos on YouTube, BIG Tyme featuring Swizz Beatz, which essentially said that Rick Ross always makes you feel lavish and luxurious & that couldn’t be any more true. Rick Ross is like a character from a movie, he swans in, says his usual lyrics, acts in an elevated level, then he disappears. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, of course, it’s just an observation. He’s almost like the Batman of Rap, if you will. Rick Ross exudes mystique and I believe that’s a huge part of his charm and appeal.

My favourite song at the moment on Port of Miami 2 is the Dej Loaf feature, White Lines. There’s just this bouncy electronic synth, paired with a summer vibe by way of the sounds and instruments that I’m drawn to. Excuse the pun, but it’s an uplifting song, regardless of it’s title and lyrics.

The Nipsey Hussle feature, Rich N**ga Lifestyle, is more than welcomed, which also has Teyana Taylor with her smooth, yet raspy singing.

I also like how Summer Walker is on the project. Summer Reign is a catchy song & it’s a smart move to have her on this album, as she’s an up and coming singer that people are interested in, who plenty of style and a warming glow.

Lastly, when you’re as popular as Rick Ross, no album feature list is complete without Lil Wayne & when you combine John Legend, with the end result being Maybach Music VI, then you know you’re album is complete.

Port of Miami 2 is a good album overall with some particularly solid songs. Some listeners may find a few on there that sound all too familiar, but that’s to be expected. Rick Ross delivers in what he does best and we can only applaud him for it. Staying relevant, sounding good and upholding your reputation is a lot harder than we could ever imagine. As with any career, the key to longevity is to always desire to be better and do more, yet remaining grounded, to a certain extent, without losing focus on who you are, what you believe in and why you begun in the first place. At the moment, Rick Ross is upholding all of these things & I’m enjoying it while it’s here.

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