No.6 Collaborations Project - Ed Sheeran is unstoppable.

Photography: Ed Sheeran

Photography: Ed Sheeran

‘‘Give credit where credit is due’’, so I shall do just that!

Ed Sheeran turned out to be a complete and utter musical monster! He has made endless great songs and has had the worlds biggest artists collaborate with him in some way or form. He’s an extremely liked person and the touring ticket sales, album streams and merchandise numbers say it all.

I heard a story that Ed Sheeran travelled from London to Plymouth by train for a gig that’s pay only covered the train ticket costs. For whatever reason, he subsequently missed his train and had to sleep on the train station platform, as he didn’t have a penny to his name, only the return train ticket to take him back to where he came from. Well, dedication and commitment were clearly a part of Ed Sheeran’s make-up & having a mildly husky (on the lower end), yet predominantly gentle and clearly delivered vocal, with excellent song writing capabilities always helps.

No.6 Collaborations Project is a great effort in attempting to combine multiple styles and sounds all under one roof & I think Ed Sheeran and the producers have done a good job. I don’t want to go crazy and say ‘‘they’ve done a sterling job! Simply wow!’’, because I wouldn’t say it’s anything close to that, but it’s still a respectable effort and there were a few songs that were added to my ‘Easy’ playlist & believe me, to make it to that list, longevity needs to be a key trait.

One song and feature that took me by surprise was the Young Thug and J Hus track, Feels. It wasn’t something I was expecting and I really liked it. It was an unusual mix of artists & the song itself has a unique quality to it that just spoke out to me.

The H.E.R song, I Don’t Want Your Money, lifts the album and turns it into a slightly more sought after project overall.

Lastly, Way to Break My Heart, featuring Skrillex, is also a feature I simply was not anticipating. Skrillex is one of my favourite producers and DJ’s & to hear such an attractive mix of sounds, with Ed Sheeran working in tandem is one heck of a partnership.

You cannot deny Ed Sheeran’s work ethic, attitude, personality and talent. He’s an immensely gifted songwriter and all around artist/creative. He may not be liked by all, but I would gladly put money on a large proportion of people all over the world that do. Bringing artists together to make music is a wonderful thing & if you can deliver good songs at the end of it as well can only reward you with a well deserved round of applause and some much earned respect. On top of that, Ed Sheeran clearly doesn’t care for the Hollywood lifestyle, nor does he seem to care about fancy clothes and material things, which only adds to his charm and what makes him such an attractive artist to work with.

Photography: Ed Sheeran

Photography: Ed Sheeran

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