The Big Day - Chance The Rapper takes a chance.

Photography: Chance The Rapper

Photography: Chance The Rapper

A few songs on The Big Day are good, but the project seems to be more about the beats, sounds and rhythm than anything else.

I can honestly say that only a small handful of the twenty two songs on offer were worthy of being added to my infamous ‘easy’ playlist. ‘Easy’ meaning easily added to my playlist/an easy listen. However, despite me writing this, 70% of the songs I heard, possibly even 80%, were mediocre and borderline annoying at times.

Prior to me even listening to The Big Day, my preconceived notion of Chance The Rapper was that he’s a featured artist. Every single song I’ve heard him on in the past year or so has been him as a feature & when he does feature his lyrics aren’t exactly mind blowing or particularly impressive. In my opinion, he provides the ‘feature service’, which is essentially filling a gap the best you can within a song and being entertaining, but without stealing the limelight from whomever’s song you’re on. Regardless Chance The Rapper’s prior music/mixtapes, the state of affairs for him is exactly what it is & I can only comment on the present moment.

The biggest song to catch my attention was ‘Big Fish’ featuring Gucci Mane, as it had genuine quality to it. The beat, tempo and the lyrics all worked harmoniously with one another. It’s punchy and it stands out.

There were a couple of other songs I liked the sound of, such as Balling Flossin, featuring Shaw Mendes & I Got You, featuring En Vogue, Ari Lennox and Kierra Sheard. Both have great vibes, although, the Shawn Mendes interrupts it’s own flow at moments, which does spoil the overall experience, but the latter song has been smothered with 90’s R&B, which I love. It’s simply a feel-good song that has the season of summer at its core.

There’s one or two more songs on The Big Day that grab your attention, but I couldn’t help but feel they had no soul and/or longevity. This is going to read weird, but they just had no purpose to them. They were very wishy-washy. Perhaps that’s what draws some people to Chance The Rapper? Either way, it’s certainly not an album I will keep coming back to. I’ve added a few songs I like & I shall move on to other tracks and projects.

Some of you who are reading this may be utterly shocked at how direct and to the point I’ve been with my opinion on, not only The Big Day, but about the artist himself. Well, I promise you that the moment I hear an earth shattering song from Chance The Rapper (on his own), then I will view his artistry in a different light. Until that day I can only write about what I see, hear and feel & although it sounds like I’m writing him off, I’m not. I just want more from the Chicago born rapper and maybe there’s more to come.

Photography: Chance The Rapper

Photography: Chance The Rapper

If you think Chance The Rapper’s The Big Day is more than worth your time, then comment down below as to why & list a few of your favourite songs just in case I skimmed through a few I shouldn’t have done!

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