Unbelievable - A fitting title for a brilliant cast on this Netflix limited series.

Photography: Unbelievable

Photography: Unbelievable

This is exactly the type of series that I like to watch from time to time, and when it’s done right, your hard-pressed to think about watching anything else.

‘Unbelievable’ is about a young girl who is raped and accused of lying, but when similar rapes take place in different states, it’s down to two detectives to try and find the culprit.

There’s something about these ‘based on true events’ series’ that always seem to take hold of your attention that little bit more than one that is fictional. I think that’s down to one thing, which is that some of what you see actually took place in real life, so if what you’re seeing is, shall we say, unpleasant, it tugs at your feelings, thoughts and emotions that little bit more.

This Netflix limited series doesn’t mess around. Before you know it, the story is unfolding, characters are being developed and you’re witnessing some truly traumatic scenes. One thing that stood out to me was the treatment by the detective/s of the initial rape victim, Marie Adler. I’m not sure how much truth was behind those scenes, but something tells me it’s relatively accurate.

I was at odds with Merritt Wever at the start, who played Detective Karen Duvall, yet her patience and calming aura made her role all the more convincing. Gone are the days where every detective is ludicrously forthright and obnoxious, so it was a welcomed change to see such a character portrayed in a more realistic light.

As to be expected, Toni Collette knocked this performance out of the park. She plays Detective Grace Rasmussen and does a sterling job at holding her own alongside some impressive performers.

I’ve always considered Kaitlyn Dever as a great all rounder when it came to her acting ability, but for any doubters out there, this performance has surely eradicated those opinions.

‘Unbelievable’ goes back and forth (not in an annoying way, I can assure you) between the year of the incident with Marie Adler, 2008, and the present day (a few years after), as the directors and producers clearly wanted to show its viewers the differences in treatment between the first incident’s victim and the ones that followed, as well as the professionalism and work ethic between the respective detectives involved, which was a hard hitting angle to come from and one that worked incredibly well.

This Netflix series may not be for everyone, in fact, I know it won’t be, but for those crime thriller loving fans out there, especially with the weather changing from Summer to Autumn (for some parts of the world), i.e., dark, cold nights, perfect for get cosy on your sofa, there’s no better time to watch a series like this. Gisele and I also found ourselves playing detective throughout each episode (I know what you’re thinking, you never want to watch a series with us) because we simply wanted to solve the case, so you can add ‘interactive’ into its list of genre categories.

If ‘Unbelievable’ was a person, I would give it a firm pat on the back in a congratulatory manner and possibly a hand shake as well, but that would depend on how generous I was feeling.