Carnival Row - A mythological series I can finally sink my teeth into.

Photography: Carnival Row

Photography: Carnival Row

Finally! Something that’s not Stranger Things or Game of Thrones & is worthy of my time.

It felt like an eternity since I started watching a series that was appropriately ‘up my street’ & after countless times of seeing Gisele watching and enjoying multiples series’ without too much deliberation and/or effort, my requirement for a premium, well written mythological TV show grew exponentially.

Carnival Row is about a city known as ‘The Burgue’, inhabited predominantly by humans & I say predominantly, because there are also creatures known as the ‘Fae’ who come from, what was once regarded as a place of myth and legend, a place called Tirnanoc. Some of the creatures that inhabited Tirnanoc are referred to, in a derogatory way, by the humans, as Pix’s, Puck’s and Trow’s. There are also Centaurs, but I have a feeling there are still more creatures to grace our screens? The people of The Burgue are growing tired of the Fae, who are already treated like slaves and second class citizens, yet, what’s ironic is that the Fae’s homeland has been perpetually attacked for its resources by the humans, so in The Burgue the Fae plunder, trying to survive and/or make ends meet.

Orlando Bloom, who plays ‘Rycroft’, but is regularly called ‘Philo’, is a detective for The Burgue’s police force, ‘The Constabulary’ & Cara Delevingne assumes the role of ‘Vignette’, a Pix trying to find her feet in The Burgue after being washed up ashore from a ship wreck. After the pair acquaint themselves, or, shall I say, reacquaint themselves, gruesome murders start to take place, along with various other side stories, and before you know it, you’re fully immersed into Carnival Row.

This neo-noir, science fiction, drama, thriller, Amazon TV series has been very well produced. It’s rich in detail, it has high quality imagery (native 4K) and the overall direction is good. It’s very well balanced and the pacing is great. The acting is solid from all involved, if at times slightly cheesy, including Cara Delevingne, although, as to be expected, there are a few unconvincing moments, but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt & in all honesty, I’m impressed with Cara’s switch to acting and her ability to perform at such a high level.

Orlando Bloom’s character comes across as a macho, no nonsense detective & after watching him countless times as Legolas in The Lord of The Rings, it took me a few episodes to accept his new role, but once I did, his appeal steadily grew.

Carnival Row has plenty of violence, gore and swearing, as it’s set in the 7th century, so it’s blunt, dark and gruesome. It also offers some tangible shreds of hope, romance and redemption, but overall it’s an unusual story with plenty going for it & I look forward to seeing where it goes in the very near future, especially seeing as Amazon Studios have already renewed it for a second season.